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Artisan Office Pods sells our best-in-class office pods through resellers around the world. If you would like to work with Artisan Office Pods, please submit a quote request and we will certify a reseller in your area. We are office pods, conference pods, and even phone booth suppliers/manufacturers

Independent dealer plan
If you’re ready to take your business idea a step further and become a furniture dealer, it’s time to move on to the next part. Finding a good brand to sell in your store can bring you even more benefits. Some upcoming brands offer incentives, offers, etc. when you order office furniture in bulk.
If you plan to cater for future hybrid office needs, Artisan Office Pods are a brand worth considering.
Independent dealers have enjoyed exclusive discounts. Their physical products can be customized, so few customers feel unsure about mixing their own furniture. Let’s become a furniture dealer together!
Artisan Office Pods business partners come first and offer support for any request, priority shipping, and more. Business can be smooth sailing because you can place orders, track shipments, and reorder using our digital inventory platform.
We are dealer types, furniture distributors, furniture stores, architects, designers, online furniture stores, etc.

Modern Office Furniture Private Work Pods Solutions Manufacturers, Suppliers and Factory. We’re proud to launch our latest product, Office Pod, designed to revolutionize the way we work and collaborate in the workplace. Office Pod is a versatile, dynamic solution that solves problems that can hinder productivity and creativity in traditional office settings. This innovative office furniture provides a private and soundproof workspace that can easily be placed in any open plan office environment. Office Pod features built-in lights, power outlets, and ventilation to create a noise-free, comfortable environment for focused work, private conversations, or virtual meetings. Our experienced team of designers and engineers worked hard to ensure Office Pod was not only functional, but also beautiful. Made from high-quality materials and featuring a sleek, modern design, the Office Pod adds a touch of sophistication to any office space. Artisan Office Pods creates solutions that increase productivity, collaboration and creativity in the workplace. With Office Pod, we believe we’ve achieved that goal. Please contact us immediately.

Offer Value by Selling Quality Products at an Appropriate Price
One of the most important aspects of running a successful furniture store is knowing how to appropriately price your products. Know the market you are aiming to sell to and base your prices accordingly. When you offer products at prices that are too high or too low, you’ll hurt sales. Too inexpensive and your profit margins will be too thin; too expensive and customers will find better deals at lower-priced competitors or online.

Selling high quality furniture and offering great value is the biggest key to running a successful furniture business. Ensuring your store offers a high level of value through quality products, reasonable pricing, and friendly and knowledgeable staff is crucial to success. Even if you have the lowest prices, if your product is sub-standard or staff is rude or unhelpful, customers will view your business negatively and shop elsewhere.

Use Stylish Floor Displays Which Allow Customers to Envision Your Products in Their Homes
The sales floor is the biggest advantage brick and mortar furniture stores have over online furniture businesses. Maximize this asset and set your store apart from other local stores by creating stylish and attractive vignettes on the sales floor. These displays allow your customers to envision your products in their own homes. It’s important to closely research the products that are most in-demand in your local market and stock your showroom accordingly.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a furniture store is managing the amount of on-hand inventory. If you have too much product on the sales floor and in the warehouse, you’ll waste valuable resources and space. If you don’t order new furniture quickly enough, you risk a threadbare sales floor that isn’t appealing to customers. If you have furniture that sells poorly you may want to liquidate that product at a lower price to make room for new merchandise.

Knowledgeable and Customer-Service Oriented Staff
Having a sales team that can speak powerfully about the products on your sales floor is invaluable. Your employees can be a huge asset, providing customers with detailed information about your products and guiding them to making a purchase they’re excited about. Positive customer service experiences are crucial in making sales as well as attracting a loyal base of repeat customers.

As with your advertising campaigns, your sales team shouldn’t overpromise. It may lead to an increase in sales over the short-term but in the long run it’ll lead to unhappy customers. A great way to develop positive relationships with customers is to utilize a customer relationship management (CRM) system. These systems allow you to track contact details, past interactions, and manage accounts.

Put a Focus on Improving the Bottom Line
Even if your business does well with sales, you’ll fail if your costs are too high to be sustainable. One common way to improve the bottom line is increasing prices, but this isn’t recommended because it can lead to a backlash that hurts overall profit margins. Before you try increasing prices, find ways to cut costs if you’re able.

For furniture stores, delivery is a great place to save money on operating costs. Carefully track delivery costs, adjust how much you charge for delivery, and use tools to improve delivery efficiency. There are mobile products you can use to streamline delivery routing and the paperwork process. Another way to cut costs is to search for the best payment processor for your business. Some processors include equipment and repairs with the agreement, which can save your furniture store money.

Move Forward soundproof cabin is a soundproof, removable, and private space. Widely used in office, musical instrument practice, education and training, network broadcast and other fields.

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