TikTok adds shopping cart to Shopify!

The TikTok(Channel) App on Shopify is expected to launch on October 15th for Shopify merchants in China. This means that the “TikTok US version of the little yellow car”, which cross-border sellers have paid great attention to before, will be open to Chinese sellers.

At that time, Chinese merchants with a Shopify independent station will be able to apply for the installation of the TikTok App in the App Store in the Shopify backend, and use functions such as Pixel one-click docking. TikTok Pixel can help sellers measure the advertising effect of TikTok ads on Shopify independent sites, so as to optimize TikTok advertising.

It is reported that the function that sellers call “TikTok’s American version of the little yellow car” is actually one of TikTok’s e-commerce products, TikTok Storefront, which is mainly launched for the US market.

Merchants who want to apply for the TikTok Storefront must have an independent website built using a website building platform such as Shopify. The seller must first search for the official TikTok plugin TikTok (Channel) App on Shopify in the background of independent stations such as Shopify, and then fill in the information and submit the application as required.

After opening TikTok Storefront, merchants can add product links in 3 scenarios: when merchants publish short videos, they can add product links to the short videos; during live broadcasts, they can use shopping carts to share product links in real time; In streaming video ads, you can insert product introduction cards and jump links to detail pages. Consumers, on the other hand, can click on the shopping cart to directly browse the product details page, submit an order, and check out without leaving TikTok.

In addition, according to TikTok service providers, although the current TikTok (Channel) App on Shopify for Chinese sellers is expected to be launched on October 15, it does not rule out the delay of the launch time, and the specific situation will be notified separately.