How to use oberlo+shopify

Recently, a lot of questions have been asked about oberlo’s plug-in, which is the currently popular drop shipping mode. I have also summarized some common problems for you. I hope it will help you!

First understand this formula: Oberlo + AliExpress + shopify = zero inventory management

About Oberlo:

Oberlo is a plug-in, or understood as a third-party software, it can help you copy it with one click, help you import all your AliExpress products to an independent station for use, and let you have one more channel for distribution! And the price of independent stations is generally higher than that of AliExpress, which is why drop shopping is so popular now!

About AliExpress:

Some people will ask, so if I am an independent station, do I still need an AliExpress account? no! It is not necessary to have an AliExpress account to be an independent station, and it is not necessary to have an AliExpress store, just like if you sell products on shopee, you do not need to have a store meaning on 1688! AliExpress, you understand that it provides you with a shelf, and the source of the goods can be shipped!

About shopify:

It is a website building tool, not a platform like Amazon. Shopify helps you build your own independent website. What is an independent website? For example: Taobao/Jingdong/Amazon/Wish/AliExpress, etc. They are all independent stations, but their independent stations can attract investment and move in. Your independent station is currently only selling goods for yourself!

About drop shopping zero inventory:

What is drop shipping, it is actually a zero inventory, one drop shipping model, this drop shipping website can be AliExpress, can be any website, whether it is a source website or not, as long as it can help you deliver goods All of them are fine, so why do most of them choose AliExpress? Because AliExpress has the most complete collection, the widest category, the relatively low cost of supply, and is available worldwide, everyone likes it! AliExpress is available worldwide, and independent stations are also available worldwide!

This way, you can understand what the formula means! And the gameplay and process of the entire drop shipping!

Explain to you what is oblero?

First of all, oblero is a plug-in, and it must be linked with Shopify and AliExpress to take effect. Oblero can only be used on Shopify, other tools such as wordpress, etc. are not used, so it has his own Unique nature!

With oblero, you can directly import the products you want from your AliExpress, without needing to manually write titles, descriptions, etc., saving a lot of time for our sellers!

You only need to install the Oberlo plugin in Shopify, and then import the products on AliExpress into your Shopify store with one click. It is very convenient and practical to help AliExpress sellers solve product problems!

1. Install the Oberlo plugin in your Shopify backend;

2. At the same time, the Oberlo plug-in can be installed on the Chrome browser;

3. Open the AliExpress product page and add the required products to Oberlo;

4. Set price rules in Oberlo, modify product information, and import into Shopify in batches;

So what is the function of oblero?

We open the official website:

Let’s take a look at its main functions

1. Easily import products with one click

You don’t need to upload products one by one in the Shopify background, just install the Oberlo plug-in using the Chrome kernel browser, and then open Aliexpress, you can import the product from AliExpress or directly from Oberlo Supply, an Oberlo certified high-quality supplier product library for your Shopify website. Thousands of products support a drop shipping.

2. Orders are automatically shipped

After a buyer places an order on your website, you need to click Order Product in the Oberlo background and confirm, Oberlo will automatically send the order information to the corresponding supplier, or place an order directly from the AliExpress seller, and then AliExpress The seller helps you deliver the goods, so you don’t need to do it yourself!

3. Automatic update of product inventory and price

The Oberlo system can automatically track the supplier’s inventory information and product price information, and price the products you sell on Shopify according to the pricing rules you set in the Oberlo backend.

If the supplier’s inventory is 0, your website products will be automatically removed from the shelves;

If the supplier adjusts the price, Oberlo automatically adjusts the sales price of the corresponding product on your website according to the rules you set.

For example, if the supplier sells for $10, and you set the rule for the sales price of your own website product to be 3 times the supplier’s price, and add two decimal places to .75, then your product sells for $30.75. When the supplier adjusts the price to $9, the price of the corresponding product on your website is automatically adjusted to $27.75.

What do you need to know about building a Shopify website?

1. Cost issues:

For newly registered users, there is a 14-day trial period. After the trial period, if you want to continue to open a store, you must pay to continue. Shopify charges a monthly service fee, and there are 3 different options.

2. Receipt issues:

Although shopify does not need a company or a business license, it must have a corporate payment method. We have consulted customer service and can collect money from self-employed individuals, but we have not tried it yet. After all, everyone has a company, so most Chinese sellers Is the use of enterprise PayPal!

3. Refund problem:

Shopify is generally credited in real time, so this is also very beneficial to our seller’s capital return problem. You receive the payment, and then go directly to the corresponding AliExpress or other source websites to deliver the goods. You have your own product source, and also Can be shipped directly!

4. Theme plugin:

Shopify officially provides more than 60 beautiful and professional templates, and the mobile terminals are all adaptive and perfectly compatible with various mobile devices.

The beautiful and professional template themes provided by Shopify can make the independent website look more professional. Professional templates make the website more trusted, so that visitors stay to browse more pages, get more visits and more orders.

Shopify provides you with themes of clothing, jewelry, furniture, art, etc., both free and paid, the most expensive is $180, which is a one-time payment for permanent use.

Shopify invites the most professional programmers to create themes for Shopify. These themes are officially reviewed by Shopify for quality, so they are perfectly compatible with Shopify. There is always one suitable for so many themes.