How many users can a TikTok live broadcast bring to Shopify?

As a music social app copied from domestic Douyin to overseas, it is one of the most popular apps in the world and is regarded as a new outlet for brands to go overseas. Its live broadcast monetization model is also similar to Douyin, including live broadcast rewards and live broadcast sales.

According to the horizontal comparison between the past Douyin and the current TikTok, the current commercial live broadcast of TikTok has begun to gradually open, which is what every seller needs to focus on next. Because according to domestic experience, the effect of live broadcast is much better than that of short video. Therefore, sellers should follow the development of TikTok to target new outlets and make arrangements in advance.

In order to help sellers to play TikTok live streaming, Eat Whale MCN recently conducted a live streaming test on TikTok. The data shows that TikTok live streaming has potential for Shopify conversion.

Therefore, for Shopify sellers, K sister believes that it is necessary to do a wave of TikTok live streaming test.

Why are Shopify sellers doing TikTok livestreams?


Are you still using traditional CPC to lure Shopify?

The main difficulty in operating an independent site is traffic acquisition, because it operates from 0-1, and most sellers can only rely on off-site drainage to achieve conversion. The independent website sellers lack content output, and there are two ways to attract traffic, namely “advertising” and “non-advertising”.

Among them, the channels of advertising drainage include: Google (search promotion), Facebook ADS, TikTok ADS (social media promotion), etc. Generally speaking, ADS advertisements are driven by CPC/oCPC/CPA/CPM.

Take CPC (Cost Per Click) as an example, it refers to the settlement method of pay per click, that is, the cost of each click generated. The advertisements charged at this rate are generally for the purpose of display, and the exposure effect is relatively good, such as open-screen advertisements, information flow advertisements, etc. But for sellers who have conversion needs, part of the conversion behind this payment method is wasted, because the number of clicks on the link does not exclude those users who click by mistake or who have no interest in seeing the product after clicking.

If a user who comes in CPC clicks into your site because of the beautiful picture material, then you cannot judge whether he really needs this product, so the traditional CPC paid promotion and click conversion model has been gradually replaced by the content consumption market.


How many ways do you know about this non-advertising diversion to Shopify?

In addition to advertising drainage, of course, there are also non-advertising drainage channels. Its drainage channels include: grass planting, graphic promotion, live broadcast delivery, etc. (content delivery).

Among them, Internet celebrity planting grass includes graphic promotion, short video promotion and live broadcast delivery. “Internet celebrity planting grass” itself is an economic means that is very suitable for promoting product marketing. The transformation logic behind it is to attract fans and willing users through the private domain traffic of Internet celebrities, enhance users’ desire to buy, and realize realization. Although there is no way to completely guarantee the final conversion data, such drainage can enhance the fans’ desire to buy. The same goes for TikTok Live.


The conversion link and logic of TikTok live streaming (what is the content of 1 UV?)

Different from other channels for attracting traffic, TikTok live broadcast can completely test accurate traffic for Shopify sellers, because its UV (independent visitor) value is relatively high. Using UV as a statistic can more accurately understand how many visitors actually come to the corresponding page per unit time.

The transformation logic behind it is: when users watch the live broadcast, the host will introduce and recommend the product’s function, appearance, and cost-effectiveness, and the host will explain how to click the link to buy the product. At the moment when the user’s desire to buy is aroused, the user will exit the live broadcast room to click on the external link of the product. Then this click behavior has a strong purpose. Although the link that users click to the product page is long at this stage, live streaming is a behavior that stimulates consumption by content. Users just want to buy, of course, the accuracy is higher.

Therefore, TikTok live broadcast is a non-advertising channel worth considering. At the same time, Sister K also suggested that Shopify sellers cooperate with the professional and powerful TikTok MCN team to conduct the first wave of testing through TikTok live broadcast.

Why should shopify sellers partner with us (MCN)?

1. It is difficult for sellers to conduct TikTok live broadcasts by themselves

Most shopify sellers do not operate TikTok accounts at the same time. It will cost a lot to download and register a TikTok account and start operating from 0-1. And even if you have a TikTok account, there is no “foreign anchor” who can continue to live broadcast on TikTok. Therefore, it would be too expensive for independent website sellers to test TikTok live broadcasts by themselves.

2. High cost performance

Many sellers will think that cooperating with a professional TikTok MCN will cost a lot of money. But in fact, it is very cost-effective to live test and drain independent stations through the TikTok matrix of the MCN team, and it only costs a few thousand yuan.

3. Quickly measure the suitability of products on TikTok

Through TikTok live streaming, the professional MCN team can help sellers quickly test whether the product can work on TikTok, whether it has conversion, and whether it is suitable for content on TikTok. At the same time, there are certain estimates for the follow-up of short video content and advertising on TikTok.

4. Quickly measure the strength level of TikTok in the market, which is convenient for later screening and screening of service content

By cooperating with a professional MCN team, shopify sellers can use this to predict the operation level of the entire domestic TikTok market, and have certain criteria for the subsequent operation of TikTok accounts.