How Shopify Sellers Build Brand Loyalty with TikTok Integrated Marketing?

It can be said that it is one of the most popular social applications in the world now. In TikTok, authentic content has an absolute advantage. Compared to other platforms, users prefer original, engaging videos over the highly edited, curated posts that brands typically produce for platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

So it enables TikTok creators to create a connection with their audience that is difficult to do elsewhere. It also makes TikTok a very noisy platform, but also a potential gold mine for creators who can strike the perfect balance between authenticity and marketing.

Earlier this year, TikTok and Shopify also officially entered into a partnership in the UK to help Shopify merchants create and run series, directly targeting the highly engaged 100 million strong TikTok European community. Through this new TikTok partnership, Shopify merchants in the UK can connect with new customers in new ways, helping them build their brand, drive sales and build an engaging community.

Ra Boutique is an Italian-based e-commerce store that is very popular with locals, has a great reputation, and has a presence on social media. To reach new audiences and diversify their revenue streams, Ra Boutique came to TikTok for an exciting campaign with a brand new Shopify integration.

Through the Shopify partnership, Shopify merchants can now create and run video ads on TikTok without leaving the Shopify board. Shopify merchants can create, manage and track the performance of their TikTok campaigns, which have the potential to reach the 100 million TikTok community across Europe.

For Ra Boutique, this means that by combining the two campaigns, they can reach and monitor a massive new audience without leaving Shopify.

Establish an official brand account – enhance user trust

Brother Guo found that Ra Boutique had entered TikTok in December 2019, and now it has accumulated more than 60,000 fans. We can see that this account has also been authenticated by the official Blue V, and a link has been placed under the account to attract traffic.

Entering TikTok and building a brand position is an essential and important first step. With official media accounts, there will be a steady influx of free traffic, which improves brand exposure and improves conversions.

Drive conversions with creative content

To better promote its products, Ra Boutique has deployed two campaigns on TikTok, a “video viewing” campaign and a “conversion” campaign, each leveraging the newly integrated TikTok Ads Manager sales channel in Shopify.

First, they made an engaging and engaging video with a lot of scrolling through it – beats that instantly turned into an upbeat track – which was a great introduction to the brand.

Second, a 10% discount code designed to drive new customers to their Shopify site to drive conversions.

Display product details through ad placement

Dynamic inline ads with sound and full screen are shown to users along with other content from the TikTok community, providing 100% share of voice for the brand name and a short description or call-to-action. Completely immersive and stylized, Ra Boutique ads offer attractive product looks, as well as enticing offers that users across Italy cannot resist.

Ra Boutique drives new conversions and sales for clothing stores through Shopify’s partnership with TikTok.

How Shopify Sellers Build Brand Loyalty with TikTok

The overseas consumption ecology is gradually upgrading. For sellers, the brand effect generated by building brand loyalty has far exceeded that of sellers who have not maintained old customers. If you want customers to keep coming back to your brand, you have to connect with them in a meaningful way. And social media is the perfect place to build those relationships.

So on TikTok you can chat interactively with customers, make them feel connected to your brand, and showcase your unique brand personality through video content. In a closed-loop process from social media to sales channels, the traffic of old users can be used repeatedly. That is to say, building brand loyalty can increase the life cycle of users and increase the repurchase rate.

So what can sellers do on TikTok?

1. Softly integrate ads in TikTok videos

Brand loyalty is built over time, more and more users believe and use your product because they get value from your brand and thus become more loyal to your brand. Therefore, through the soft integration of original videos into brand information and products, users’ brand impressions can be deepened, and interesting and positive brand communication can also better gain users’ trust.

2. Actively interact with users

Generally speaking, users who are willing to buy will often ask questions or leave comments to brands on TikTok, whether through private messages or video comments. Even if you can’t respond to all users who ask questions, it’s important to leave a contact with as many customer interactions as possible.

3. Share TikTok user-generated content

Another way to build brand loyalty through social proof is to share user-generated content (UGC). UGC refers to photos, videos and other content created by TikTok users about using branded products. UGC content builds trust among shoppers because it is created by the customer, not the brand.

4. Partner with TikTok

More than half of social media users prefer to get product information from influencers rather than directly from brands. Users trust influencers and turn to them for product and brand advice. So, if an influencer that your target customer follows is full of praise for your brand, chances are their followers will start liking your product too.

Building brand loyalty is an ongoing process, and shopify sellers can experiment with different combinations of these strategies, refining your approach by understanding how your customers are reacting to focus on what works best. Only in this way can we better maintain old customers and continue to introduce more brand supporters!