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Office cabins are widely used: they can be used as warehouses, homes, villas, bathrooms, showers, shops, hotels, camps, workshops, offices, hospitals, etc.;

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Our goal is a happy and productive workplace. PODS are useful to make private calls, conduct meetings or just to have a quiet place to work when you need it.

Move Forward is a leading supplier of acoustic conference kiosks in Dubai, UAE. Soundproof rooms are a simple, practical and cost-effective solution to provide soundproof Spaces for offices within your organization. It is a room-in-a-room solution that enables you to have quick office meetings, discussions, or meetings with employees, customers, and more. As a reliable supplier of acoustic office pods in Dubai, our products are perfectly designed to meet your business needs. With perfect design and unique style, more and more companies in Dubai are installing them to focus on the task at hand.

Move Forward As the best portable soundproof booth provider in Dubai, we offer office booths in hundreds of color combinations. It is an easy to assemble and install solution. It takes less than half an hour to assemble in the new place. These portable devices are ideal for large organizations with many departments, educational institutions, government agencies and businesses, medical laboratories and factories, bands, and various events in different industries. We are the leading meeting room provider in Dubai. Each meeting room is affordable and available in a variety of sizes. We also offer customized conference pods to meet the requirements of our esteemed customers

Move Forward's soundproof booths significantly reduce noise and can be used as phone booths for large organizations and offices. As a reliable phone booth supplier in Dubai, we have supplied our products to thousands of companies and business organizations in the country. Our phone booths ensure privacy, enabling you to organize Zoom meetings with clients and stakeholders without disturbing others in the office. We are the leading supplier of office soundproofing pods in Dubai. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can help your company and office.


The Move Forward office pod absorbs echoes to create a private space for you to have private conversations without the noise of the office and colleagues. Check out our new silent small and large pods

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About Us

This is a portable silent office pod designed for users to make private calls in open environments such as offices, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. This product uses aerospace-grade aluminum frame, tempered glass door, thermal insulation Marshall sound insulation wall material, fan, lighting, power supply, USB interface, etc. This product has been tested for safety and is recommended for home, hotel and office use. The products are made in Asia and are international certification projects, and can be exported to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the United States and other overseas countries.

Our Mission

Move Forward aims to be a leader in industry development by providing modular pod space solutions with classic design and simple recycling processes. The Move Forward Phone Pod’s pods and booths will reduce the environmental impact of the construction process while designing more versatile and flexible workspaces.

Our Values

Move Forward phone booths and phone booths are engineered to protect your privacy when taking calls or holding meetings in open areas and office environments. Its insulated construction provides better soundproofing protection from loud noises. The pods can be installed without any modifications to current systems or walls, and they can also be disassembled and reassembled in different locations. Despite their small size, these pods have enough room for a bar stool or chair.

Our Services

Move Forward’s acoustic phone boxes can be placed near your work area, encouraging users to make video and phone calls without having to find a quiet room or leave the building.

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We pride ourselves on providing quality office acoustic pods to our customers throughout Saudi Arabia, and whether you are looking for pods, booths or office space, you can rest assured that we have all your requirements covered. A variety of soundproof meeting booths have been uniquely designed and manufactured to reduce sound and provide you with the perfect office space in Qatar. We have recently expanded our supply to Oman and have received an overwhelming response from industrialists, multinationals, smes and start-ups. Our portfolio also includes an acoustic phone booth office, which is a convenient, noise-free space for casual phone calls.

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In Jordan, acoustic conference pods have been on the market for many years and are popular because we offer a product range suitable for all types of offices and work Spaces. Our customers in Bahrain have spoken highly of our products and found the following advantages of our products.

Acoustic Office provides private work Spaces for high-end offices and organizations.
The talking phone office allows company officials to make important calls in a noise-free environment.

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Move Forward soundproof cabin is a soundproof, removable, and private space. Widely used in office, musical instrument practice, education and training, network broadcast and other fields.

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