Feltwall Wall-Mounted Type Phone Pod Dubai UAE Saudi Arabia

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The walls of these novel phone booths tend to be structured like acoustic panels. The panels are first covered with felt wall panels and then fabric wrapped;

The upholstered surfaces absorb the sound not only within the acoustically-dampening furniture but also lower background noise levels throughout the open-plan office. If one turns toward the back wall to talk, then anyone on the outside will hear a voice, but hardly understand what is said. Providing a wall-mounted acoustic private space so you can make or receive phone calls in peace 

There’s no need to duck down or cup your hand over your mouth/phone to take a call anymore. Whether you’re concerned about interrupting others’ focus, trying to hear the person you’re talking to, or even thinking through a difficult problem while off the phone, the Acoustic Phone Booth provides the privacy and quiet you’re looking for.

The office phone booth for effective noise reduction in tight spaces. Perfect for short calls in tight spaces.


Product code:  WOP01
External Dimension: 777mm*740mm*1080mm  (31×29×43“)
Package Size 1140mm*860mm*260mm  (45×34×10“)
Weight: 32kg
Materials: Fabric Feltwell Panels With steel frame 
Fire Rating: B1 Class
Basic Configuration: Table and Power Supply
Features: Light Weight, Assembled Type
Application: Office, School, Hospital, Shopping Mall…Public Place
Production Process: Ts tab-in-slot design makes for easy assembly
Shipping: Container Full Kit Shipping from Shanghai Port By Paper Carton Box.


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