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The Move Forward portable silent office cabin is specially designed for users to make private calls in open environments such as offices, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. This product uses aerospace-grade aluminum frame, tempered glass door, thermal insulation Marshall sound insulation wall material, fan, lighting, power supply, USB interface, etc. This product has been tested for safety and is recommended for home, hotel and office use. The products are made in Asia and are international certification projects, and can be exported to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the United States and other overseas countries.


Main materials: tempered glass (same quality standard as tempered glass for subway sliding doors); aviation aluminum frame; solid carbon composite wall panels; floor shock-absorbing carpets, etc.
Interior materials: 60% high-density PET sound-absorbing panels are used as sound-absorbing materials inside the booth. Make the sound clearer
Voltage: 110-240V/50Hz and 12V-USB power supply system
Ventilation system: 1~2 silent fans – refresh the air every three minutes.
Lighting system: 4000K LED central lighting system
Easy installation: can be assembled and disassembled in two hours.
Acoustic data: Rw+ Ctr 25dB (±3dB)/ RT0.25 s (±0.01s)
Flame retardant: The fire rating of the whole machine reaches Class B.
No wood, no glue, no screws
Low carbon recycling products
Including interior furniture.

The Acoustic Pod is a cutting-edge solution for modern office spaces, providing a private and soundproof environment. With its stylish design and functional features, the Acoustic Pod is a top choice for businesses aiming to optimize their workspace. Its main features include:

Noise reduction: The Acoustic Pod uses advanced sound-isolating materials to ensure a quieter, more focused work area.
Versatile layout: This pod offers flexible configurations, allowing it to fit a variety of office layouts and preferences.
Efficient Space Utilization: Designed to seamlessly integrate into different office environments, optimize space utilization and increase productivity.
MODERN AESTHETIC: The Acoustic Pod features a contemporary design that adds a touch of sophistication to any workplace.
Enhanced privacy: With soundproof walls and doors, users can enjoy a private and uninterrupted work experience.
Integrated Technology: The pod comes with integrated technology solutions that support modern work needs such as power sockets and data connectivity.
Easy to install: The Pod is easy to set up and install, minimizing disruption and downtime during implementation.
Mobility: Acoustic Pods can be easily repositioned, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing office dynamics and needs.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality materials, this acoustic pod is designed to withstand daily use and last for a long time.

The structure is light and reliable: the steel structure is strong and firm, and the earthquake resistance is >0.8.

Fully galvanized steel frame, rust-proof,
Save time and effort, easy assembly: 4 workers can complete the assembly of a standard unit within 3 hours;

Flexible combination: multiple modular buildings can be easily combined horizontally and vertically; hollow tempered coated double-layer safety glass

Office cabins are widely used: they can be used as warehouses, homes, villas, bathrooms, showers, shops, hotels, camps, workshops, offices, hospitals, etc.;

High mobility: It can be hoisted and easily moved from one location to another.

Outer frame size: L1000 * W1000 * H2300mm

Inner space size: L900 * W980 * H2030mm

Plywood crate size: L2.28 * W0.76 * H1.25m Net weight: 306kg


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Move Forward soundproof cabin is a soundproof, removable, and private space. Widely used in office, musical instrument practice, education and training, network broadcast and other fields.

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